OJ Simpson Criminal Trial, Judge Lance Ito, The Menendez Brothers, Leslie Abramson, Litton v Honeywell, The Doors, Magic Johnson, Dick Wolf.. Those are some great names for the search engines to grab on to. The truth is I started in this field in 1994 working with the company that was hired to be the technical consultants to Judge Lance Ito for the Simpson criminal case. The Simpson Criminal trial was followed by working on the Litton v Honeywell billion dollar verdict for patent of their laser gyro compass. After that I had the pleasure of working with the fun Leslie Abramson for the retrial of the Menendez Brothers, and several other murder cases.
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The Internet lets everyone hide behind a computer monitor and tell you all those things you want to hear. Litigations Illustrated is not a mega company in the field of computerized evidence presentation. Dave Botwin is the man behind our success. Dave handles the clients and the courtroom presentation for our main clientele.

There are not a lot of people in this field that have 20+ years of experience and success in winning for their clients. There are not a lot of people in this field who have to use both hands to count the number of trials they have worked on worth BILLIONS – Yep, not a typo, that’s Billions with a “B”.

Dave Botwin finds out what concepts and ideas that you and your client need to explain to be successful in the courtroom and then leads the team to produce and prepare the materials for your presentation in front of the jury.

Litigations Illustrated prepares and displays your documents, your video depositions and your Expert Reports. There are plenty of companies with employees capable of sitting in a chair and popping up a page of a document.

Why you should choose Litigations Illustrated is that for the past 20 years, rather than just popping up a document, we have been creating the charts, demonstratives, animations and models to illustrate and educate the jury. We have a skill set that goes far beyond popping a document on the screen.

With a background from UCSB in Law and Sociology and a stint in Law School, the legal background for the work product we develop for our clients is something that we help develop with the client, rather than just wait for instructions.

And  after sitting in courtrooms across the country for criminal, civil, Federal, State actions ranging from murder, to diamond theft, to A-list star privacy and even how paint drys, we have the experience to help guide you through the pitfalls of being in front of a jury and not maintaining their focus and attention.

  • Document Scanning
  • Email – Collection and Cataloging
  • Video Deposition Editing
  • Time Line Creation
  • Demonstrative Creation
  • Expert Witness Preparation
  • Courtroom Equipment Setup
  • Courtroom Evidence Presentation
  • Attorney Preparation
  • Imaginative & Captivating Openings & Closing
  • Happy Clients !!!