A litigator may spend years working on a case only to get a few brief moments to present that case to a jury.


A timeline can be a valuable tool in making sure all those key elements get in front of the jury. Whether as a Roadmap introduced in opening showing them the tale to be told. Or as a fixture in the courtroom to refer back to and remind the jury as to where we are in the tale. Or in your closing, as a checklist to show the jury that you told them the story you promised them at the beginning.


Reducing all the important points to the key elements that belong on a timeline is an ‘art’. Litigations Illustrated has spent over 23 years helping confine your points to a memorable illustration.


When you have reached the point of preparing a timeline, the investment of time and money is substantial. Saving a few dollars now to type the info into a piece of software that spits out a cookie cutter timeline is not in your best interest.


Big trial or small trial, showing the jury a timeline that they can relate to and remember can be a critical tool in your success.