The OJ Simpson Criminal Trial, Judge Lance Ito, The Menendez Brothers, Leslie Abramson, Litton v Honeywell, The Doors, Magic Johnson, Dick Wolf, Farrah Fawcett; these are just some of the cases I have worked on. When I began my career in 1994 after graduating from UCSB with a degree in Law and Sociology and then going to Law School, I was working with the company that was hired to be the technical consultants to Judge Lance Ito for the Simpson criminal case. My next case was against Bell Atlantic in new Jersey we were won the largest jury verdict for a contract violation in history. The Litton v Honeywell trial, regarding the patent for a laser gyro compass was one of the first BILLION dollar verdicts in history, and I was part of the team. It was for the Litton v Honeywell trial that the first dedicated Trial Presentation Software was developed. After that, I worked with Leslie Abramson on the retrial of the Menendez Brothers. Leslie was so pleased with my work that we worked together on many more murder cases. After many successful trials, Litigations Illustrated was born. I thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to working with you.


     – Dave Botwin

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Litigations Illustrated is a boutique company in the field of computerized evidence presentation, which means you get the service and attention that you deserve. Dave Botwin is the man behind our success. When he’s not directly handling clients’ courtroom presentations, he’s overseeing all aspects of their cases.

It’s rare to find people in this industry with 20+ years of experience, let alone the amazing track record that Dave Botwin and his team have garnered; the amount of money at stake to their clients adds up to the billions – That’s not a typo, that’s Billions with a “B”.

How are we so successful? After meeting with you, we figure out your needs and develop award-winning concepts that make it easy for the lawyers to present their cases so that the juries better understand the evidence.

There are plenty of companies with employees capable of sitting in a chair and popping up a page of a document.

Litigations Illustrated takes a proactive approach where we work with our clients to develop the presentations at the beginning of the process instead of just waiting for instructions and popping up a page on the screen. We prepare and display your documents, your video depositions, and your expert reports. We bring the evidence to life by creating charts, demonstratives, animations and models that make it easy for juries to understand.


After sitting in courtrooms across the country for criminal, civil, federal, and state actions ranging from murder to diamond theft to A-list celebrity privacy, we have the experience to help guide you through the pitfalls of being in front of a jury and making sure you maintain their focus and attention.

You’re the expert in arguing the law. Litigations Illustrated are the experts in presenting your evidence.


  • Document Scanning
  • Email – Collection and Cataloging
  • Video Deposition Editing
  • Time Line Creation
  • Demonstrative Creation
  • Expert Witness Preparation
  • Courtroom Equipment Setup
  • Courtroom Evidence Presentation
  • Attorney Preparation
  • Imaginative & Captivating Openings & Closing
  • Happy Clients !!!