We Bring Your Binders To Life

You are on the internet, so don’t let your client down the first time you see some pretty artwork.

Anyone with a cellphone can put up some glittery charts and make you think they are capable of making complicated data colorful.

Litigations Illustrated are experts at taking the information and issues you need your jury to comprehend and turning them into memorable and understandable presentations. We can create individual charts that are printed and displayed as posters in the courtroom.

For larger cases we like to present everything electronically using projectors and monitors in the courtroom. In our modern society we are trained to watch (and believe) what we see on the TV screen. And having monitors in the courtroom to keep your jury engaged, focused and understanding the points you are trying to make is key to a successful trial.


Don’t let fumbling through boxes and binders of documents be what the jury remembers of your evidence.
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Organizational Charts

A picture is worth a 1000 words. One of our organizational charts lock those words in the jury’s memory.
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You have a story to tell. Let us build you the road map for your story.
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Video Depositions

You took the time and spent the money to video tape the deposition, now let us take over.
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Financial Data

The numbers are so important, but usually quite hard to follow. We can fix that.
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Moving Charts

Lots of Important Points… Let us take the points apart and present them one at a time.
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Explanatory Demonstratives

Experts get the big bucks to impress, we make sure that expertise doesn’t go over the juror’s heads.
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You have a story to tell. We will help you tell it.
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